“Hi I’m Alison Arngrim, yes evil Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie. And I’m doing a new thing it’s called Behind the Curtain. And it’s amazing. Okay, all those times you wanted to come get my book, get an autographed picture and I was too far away. You couldn’t make it to my show or the autograph place. Now here’s your chance. Log in, sign up on this website right now and you will be notified when we go live. And you will be able to talk to me, we’ll be just like this. You will be able to ask me questions, you can get my book, you can get autographed pictures. I have T-shirts, t-shirts! We have little pins that say WWND, what would Nellie do? Wait there’s more. I have candles. Oh my god they smell so good. You can buy all this stuff, I can autograph it to you, and you can ask me anything right here just like this on Behind the Curtain.”

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If you're a Alison Arngrim fan, now's your chance to chat with her live from her home!  Behind the Curtain is excited to have Alison join the growing list of celebrities who will be starring in live webinars from their living rooms, allowing their most dedicated fans the chance to ask questions, purchase personalized & autographed photos, and even the possibility of winning unique memorabilia from the star.

Alison Arngrim, actress, comedian, and New York times Best Selling Author, is best known as Nellie Oleson, the nasty daughter of the henpecked Nels and the obnoxious Harriet Oleson, owners of The Oleson's Mercantile on the TV series Little House On The Prairie. Coming from a show biz family, Arngrim’s career took off early as she worked in TV commercials. By the age of 10 she was filming the movie, Throw Out The Anchor. Her big break came in 1974 being cast as Nellie Oleson in Little House On The Prairie.

Taking from her experience on Little House On The Prairie, Arngrim started doing her one-woman show, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch (2002).  She then wrote the Best Selling book, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch; How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated (2010).  Her live performance continues packing houses world-wide in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Green Bay, Chicago and in France where she performs entirely in French.

Arngrim has had success as a stand-up comedian, headlining at clubs such as the Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store.

Arngrim can also be found guest starring in TV show reruns, including The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and the made for TV movie Why I Married Wyatt Earp.

Arngrim is involved in charity work with the National Association to Protect Children or PROTECT which attempts to improve laws to protect children.

Arngrim is also involved with AIDS programs. She was a project Manager for Tuesday’s Child, a program to help children with HIV/AIDS. Additionally she has supported PAWS, a program that cares for the pets of HIV/AIDS patients.

She is currently starring in two comedy series pilots: Life Interrupted, and C.P.R. – Child Performers Resurrection Talent Agency, as an ex-child star gone wrong, trying to save herself and her assorted misfit cohorts by opening a talent agency. Arngrim continues to be a frequent interview subject on everything from A&E, E! Entertainment, TV Land and VH-1, to CNN and the Travel Channel.

The TV Land network honored her undying image as TV’s worst bitch, by declaring her the winner of their 2006 award for “Character Most Desperately In Need Of A Time Out”.

She recently fulfilled a childhood dream by making her first horror movie, with the role of "Leeza", the somewhat ambivalent Satanic high priestess in the new horror web series The Mephisto Box.

She starred in the heartwarming, gay, Christmas cult classic, Make the Yuletide Gay, as the overbearing “Heather Mancuso”. Her other television and film appearances include, Livin’ the Dream, Tinder & GrinderThe Bilderberg Club, For the Love of May, with Ru Paul and Patricia Neal, and The Last Place On Earth, with Billy Dee Williams and Phyllis Diller. In 2007, she began her foray into French cinema with the role of “Edith” in the French detective comedy, Jean Pierre Mocky’s Le Deal.

Alison’s stage work includes, The Vagina Monologs, Sirena: Queen of the Tango, Dear BrutusThe Wool Gatherer, the French bedroom farce, In One Bed And Out The Other, Michael Kearns’ AIDS/US II, “Rita” in the 2005 GLAAD Award nominated production of Last Summer At Bluefish Cove, the somewhat off kilter “Reverend Pat Miass” in Joni and Gina’s Wedding, and the Ovation Award Nominated musical-drama, Flirting with Morty, as the abusive, trashy and tragic Ray Lee.

In her spare time, she takes tourists on the rollicking comedy outing, Nasty Nellie’s Tour of Hollywood, (featured at Dearly Departed Tours), where she simultaneously enlightens and amuses passengers with behind the scenes tales from both Hollywood history and her own life.

Never one to forget her “Prairie” roots, Alison enjoys making appearances several times a year at various Little House on the Prairie historical sites for educational events and gatherings of fans. She has been a frequent visitor to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in the real life Walnut Grove, Minnesota as well as Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Heritage Hills, Mumford’s Genesee Country Village, Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield, Missouri and many, many others.

Alison has a long history of activism. In 1986 when her friend and "Little House husband" co-star, Steve Tracy, passed away due to complications of HIV/AIDS, Alison immediately began volunteering at AIDS Project Los Angeles. Her duties ranged from working on the Southern California AIDS Hotline and the APLA food bank, (APLA's Necessities of Life Program,) to chairing the steering committee of the volunteer speakers bureau and developing “Safer Sex” workshops. She has provided AIDS education to doctors, nurses, prison inmates, service clubs, churches, department stores and schools, written AIDS education articles for the magazines Frontiers and Designers West, and spent seven years hosting the APLA educational cable television show, "AIDS Vision". In 1992, Joel Wachs presented Alison with a resolution by the Los Angeles City Council commending her on her work on behalf of people living with HIV and AIDS.

From 1989 through 1993 she served as Program Manager at Tuesday's Child, an organization assisting children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. From 1989 through 2003 she served as both hostess and producer for the comedy stage at the AIDS Project Los Angeles Annual Summer Party, (on the backlot of Universal Studios), where through an evening of raucous entertainment, featuring name comedians, she helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people living with HIV.

She currently serves as California Chair, National Spokesperson and Founding Board Member on the National Advisory Board of The National Association to Protect Children, or PROTECT.org, fighting to give children a legal and political voice in the war against child abuse.   As an activist for the improvement of child protection laws, she has spoken before the California Senate and worked on legislative and political campaigns in several states, including Virginia and New York, in addition to PROTECT’s work on federal legislation in Washington, D.C.

She has appeared on numerous television news programs discussing the legal and political issues surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation. She came forward to tell the world about the sexual abuse she suffered in her own life, during her 2004 interview on Larry King Live.

She continues to be interviewed on this and other topics on Nancy Grace, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, The Insider, Court TV, and Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor.

Alison currently lives somewhere in the wilds of Tujunga with her husband of over twenty years, musician Bob Schoonover, (from the rock and roll band “Catahoula”) and their two extraordinarily spoiled cats. She takes pride in the fact that so many people enjoyed hating her as a girl and is more than happy to give them the opportunity to do so in the future!

Don't forget to visit catahoulamusic.com and Protect.org!

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